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Testing & Approvals

Intech are proud of our large and well equipped test facility which consists of a 15 metre long, 4.6 metre wide and 3.3 metre high blackout hall for colour measurements.

Our laboratory includes the following test equipment:

  • A 3m collimating light bench (equivalent to approximately 20m viewing distance) with manually operated goniometer and a fast response photocell
  • A heavy duty goniometer designed to hold large and heavy objects such as rail signals or individual modules of variable message signs
  • A climatic test chamber with internal dimensions of 500x500x500mm and a temperature range of +180°C to -40°C (2°C/min rate of temperature change)
  • Colour measurement devices include:
  • An adjustable 40,000 lux solar simulator typically used for contrast ratio measurements
  • Various ancillary test and measuring equipment, including:
    • Electronic test and measuring devices
    • Optical inspection and measuring devices, including a 3 axis visual measuring machine
    • Data logging and acquisition devices and associated software
    • Integrating sphere and other optical measuring devices
Most of our lab equipment is calibrated to 'The United Kingdom Accreditation Service' (UKAS) standards. Intech can also arrange for optical testing and approval of products to British / European standards to be conducted in approved third party test facilities.