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Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs (VMS), also known as matrix signs, are outdoor LED signs specifically designed to deliver driver information about traffic incidents, road conditions and congestion. Text and pictograms are used to relay important messages to drivers in all weather conditions.

Intech are proud to be a key provider of illumination systems on several types of variable message signs that the UK Highway Agency (HA) is deploying on congested motorways and trunk roads right across the UK. Intech are responsible for the design, development, testing and manufacture of optical sub-systems on both Mark 3 and Mark 4 Motorway Signs (MS3, MS4) and the Advanced Motorway Indicator (AMI), all of which are common sights on many major roads in the UK today. All road signs are developed to European standards (currently EN12966-1-2005).

MS3 Sign

MS3 signs are single colour text displays configured in 2 lines of 16 characters or 3 lines of 18 characters. They sometimes have additional matrix indicator aspects that allow for graphical representations of lane closures, etc.

MS4 Sign

MS4 signage uses dual colour technologies (typically red and amber) that are capable of displaying both text and pictograms, examples of which can be seen on the HA website.

AMI Sign

AMI is a matrix indicator that has been developed as a key part of the Highway Agency's Active Traffic Management (ATM) schemes, such as the one piloted on the M42 in recent years. AMI is capable of displaying lane closures, variable speed restrictions and traffic control symbols. Some AMI signage uses an advanced internal optical feedback system to enable variable speed limits to be legally enforced. Intech played a critical role in the development of these optical enforcement technologies.