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Intech are illumination specialists with experience and mastery in this field spanning four decades, having been formed in 1987 by John Brown and Andy Elsey.

John Brown is an optical engineer who has designed lighting and illumination solutions for many major companies in the transport, marine, construction and lighting industries. John was instrumental in the growth of a major commercial vehicle lighting manufacturer in the early 70s, designing high performance lamps and reflectors. In 1976, he started his own successful vehicle lighting company. This was subsequently bought by a larger UK competitor in 1994, John being retained as a consultant.

Andy Elsey is an electromechanical engineer who spent the first ten years of his working career with a major international manufacturer of plastic products. During this time he gained invaluable experience with regard to all aspects of plastic injection moulding, ranging from an in-depth knowledge of processing machinery maintenance through to hands on setting and troubleshooting.

Since 1994, Intech has designed and manufactured many bespoke high performance optical solutions for Light Emitting Diode (LED) sources in products such as:

  • Large (48m2) high definition video screens for outdoor events such as concerts and sporting occasions
  • Vehicle Message Signs (VMS) and variable speed limit signs for use in traffic control on motorways and other busy highways
  • Rail signalling
  • Mobile traffic lights
  • High-level stop lamps and other automotive rear lamp assemblies
  • Hazard lamps
  • Bicycle lights
  • Torches

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